LEGO Quadjumper

20 April 2018 - My new Quadjumper from Force Awakens

Although not one of the common Star Wars spaceships I have always had a soft spot for the Quadjumper ship on Jakku. Although it only had a few minutes of screen time before been blown sky high, it struck me as an ideal spaceship for a single galaxy explorer. Whereas the star destroyers, tie fighters and X-wings are all military vehicles and the Falcon a freighter, I love the idea of there being ships which individuals could use to travel, possibly with a droid or co-pilot, like the space equivalent of yachts or motor-homes. As well as the cockpit, the ship would just need a couple of bunks, some food storage and prep area and a small shower room. Of course to escape gravity to get off planet and travel at warp speeds big engines would still be needed, so the Quad Jumper with the four big "engines" around a small cockpit/cabin seems perfect.

I was stoked to receive the LEGO 75178 Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper for my birthday. You can see the final result below. As an added bonus it came with great characters. This beauty is now joining my LEGO Rebel hanger.

A TIE's eye view of the QuadjumperBB8 manning the rear cannon
LEGO QuadjumperLEGO Quadjumper
Cockpit with room for twoArrived at the rebel base
LEGO QuadjumperLEGO Quadjumper