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Giving for Christmas - Worldbuilding

If you're looking for a fun way to donate to charity this Christmas, check out Geeks doing good on Worldbuilders.

They're running a lottery where you buy a ticket for $10 and are eligible for a lucky draw where the prizes are geared towards geeks. The big prize is two tickets on a cruise with sci-fi/fantasy authors and other entertainers, but there are also loads of other prizes like books and Penny Arcade prints.

But the best part is what they're doing with the donations. In the ultimate "Teach a man to fish, rather than give him a fish" plan, they are providing disadvataged people with goats, chickens and cows so they can provide for their families for the forseeable future. Definitely my kind of deal, I love it when someone's got a good plan.

You can check out the details on their site below: