If you're looking for a way to get healthy, lose weight, get younger looking skin and beat infections, Light Lifestyle might be just the plan for you. Based on a low GI, low carb diet plan and light exercise, this plan is aimed at anyone who wants results, enjoys eating and doesn't want a diet taking over their life.

Why This Plan?

Light Lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle guide consisting of simple exercise and low carb recipes all tailored to people and families who need their health plans to fit in with their already busy lives.

The plan is simple to follow and provides support for every aspect along the way, including activity plans, quick, easy family-friendly recipes, inspirational pages and a facility to contact us for assistance.

The plan is designed to be easy to follow, so the carb-intake is higher on this plan than on other low carb plans like Atkins and Banting, but still low enough to make a difference to your life.

Recipes are marked for possible allergens and taste has been considered for all meals since healthy meals only works if your family will eat it. The activities are also designed to fit into your lifestyle and require the minimum additional time from your day.

Since bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancers all feed on sugar or carbohydrates, cutting your intake can improve your families all-round health. Exercise also contributes to all-round well-being. It can improve everything from heart-health to mood and help prevent cancer.

How to do it:

What is a Low GI Low Carb Diet?

Reducing a person's carbohydrate intake by removing sugars and starches from their diet. This significantly reduces the relase of insulin in the body that signals fat storage. Carbohydrates are also the primary fuel for bacteria, funguses and cancerous cells.

You will still be providing your body with some carbohydrates via the low carb fruit and vegetables you eat.

Why does this plan allow Fats?

Healthy fats are not just a fuel, they also work as building blocks in the body, working to keep you young looking and healthy. While carbohydrates are used only as fuel. That means when you cut out fat from your diet you can short change your body of the building materials it needs. Unhealthy fats like trans fats should still be avoided but some fat is essential to your health.

If you need some help staying motivated on a plan try our motivationals.

My hope is that embracing the Light Lifestyle will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, so you can worry less and enjoy your life more.

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