Need help staying on the plan? Replace negative thoughts with positive motivations.

Negative ThoughtPositive Motivation
This eating plan deprives me of the little pleasures of life, like chocolate biscuits. I am providing myself with new pleasures, like fitting into my favourite/new clothes, walking comfortably, having more energy, etc.
This eating plan is too hard. All I need to do is choose different foods when I'm hungry. I can do this.
How can I live without eating a cupcake/biscuit/cake/bread/etc. ever again? No-one is banning any foods for life. I am just trying out a new eating plan for a few weeks, to see how it goes. I can always decide to introduce certain treats at a later stage.

People are so mean wanting me to eat healthy/exercise. Society/My family/Everyone is unfair. The people who love and care about me want me to enjoy a long, healthy, happy life.