Chicken Burger Recipe

Chicken Burger

This one is a favourite with the kids.


4 Chicken Fillets
1 Baby Cabbage
Mozzarella Cheese (to slice)
1 Onion
2 Tomatoes
2 Tbsp Coconut / Avo Oil


Place the chicken in a microwave safe dish and drizzle with the oil. Pierce fillets to minimise popping. Cook for three minutes, turn and cook for another 3 minutes (times may vary on different microwaves).

Slice Onion and cook in the micro for 3 minutes. Chop tomato and cook in the micro for 2 minutes (this should leave the tomato quite soft, giving a lovely relish effect. Seperate the cabbage leaves and cook for 3 minutes in the microwave.

Slice cheese.

Construct the "burgers" by laying cabbage leaves on plate, topping with cheese slice. Place fillet on top of cheese. Top the fillet with onion rings and tomato.

Delicious :)