Healthy Fried Chicken Parcels Recipe

Healthy Fried Chicken Parcels Recipe

This delicious chicken meal includes spinach, meaning lot of vitamins. The parcels take a little effort but the result is delicious and my family loves these.


4 Skinless Chicken Breasts
3 Tomatoes
40-80g Spinach (Watercress also works)
4 thick slices Mozzarella or Gouda Cheese
2-3 Tbsp Avocado or Coconut Oil for cooking
8-16 toothpicks to secure parcels for cooking


Chop the tomatoes, spinach and cheese.

Microwave the spinach on a microwave-safe plate for 2-3 minutes till wilted.

Take 1 chicken breast and slice in half.

For each piece:
- Slice almost in half from the side or from the centre, slice into either side to create two flaps.
- Open the flap or flaps with a fork and pile some spinach, tomato and cheese into the parcel.
- Pull the flaps closed with the fork/s and secure by pushing a toothpick trough the parcel.
- Secure parcel from a different angle with another toothpick

Repeat above for other three breasts.

Pour oil into pot or frying pan and add parcels. Cook for at least 15 minutes, turning every 5 minutes, until cooked through. These can be cooked in more than one batch.

Once parcels are done turn down the heat and add any extra spinach, tomato and cheese to the pot. Stir for two minutes until veg are just starting to cook. Serve on the side with the parcels.

(Always be careful when working with raw meat to not reuse utensils from the raw meat - including using them on the meat once it is cooked)