Low Carb Coffee Cake Recipe

Coffee Cake

This coffee cake is delicious with the Chocolate Ganache icing. This is a lovely tea time treat.


1 cup Soy Flour (250ml)
2 Tbsp Xylitol (30ml)
3 Tbsp Coconut (45ml)
1 tsp Baking Powder (5ml)
3 Tbsp Yoghurt/Butter (45ml)
2 Eggs, beaten
1 Tbsp Hot Water (15ml) mixed with 1 tsp Coffee (5ml) 1 cup Milk (250ml)


In a micro safe cake tin (Silicone bakeware is good), mix dry ingredients well.
Add the wet ingredients and mix.

Microwave for 3 minutes, turn the dish, micro for another 3 minutes, turn dish and micro for another 1 minute.

Decorate with chocolate ganache and pecan nuts or walnuts and a dusting of cocoa.