Sardines and Cabbage Recipe

Sardines and Cabbage

This quick and nutritious meal is great for week nights. The sardines provide omega 3 and calcium and cabbage is a great leafy green.


Tin of sardines in vegetable oil
3 Onions
1 Baby Cabbage
1-2 Tbsp Avocado or Coconut Oil
1 Tin of tomatoes
1 tsp Mixed herbs
1 tsp Tumeric


Slice onion into half rings. Slice baby cabbage.

Pour enough oil into a large pot to coat the base. Add tumeric. Fry onion and cabbage in the oil.

Once onion has become translucent, add sardines, tin of tomatoes and herbs.

Stir to mix thoroughly.

Turn down heat and leave to simmer for for 10 mins.


To bulk up the meal you can add a tin of beans with the sardines.