Sweet and Sour Fish Stir Fry Recipe

Sweet and Sour Fish Stir Fry

A great meal when the family is clamouring for something exotic.


4 Frozen Hake Fillets
250g Pack Frozen Hawaiian stir fry veg (includes pineapple)
6 Spring Onions
4 Radishes
Coconut or Avocado oil for cooking (lemon flavoued can be used)
Ginger Half a lemon


Heat the hake fillets in the micro for 5 mins (check flesh is white all the way through).

Defrost frozen veg in micro for 5 mins.

Chop spring onion and radish and add to the frozen vegetables.

Sprinkle vegetables with ginger and oil and place in the micro for 5mins.

Squeeze half lemon over fish and veg.

Add a dash of salt and serve.