Tips & Tricks

Looking for some ideas to make your new healthy lifestyle easier? Or maybe you want to target a specific problem. Here are ideas to help you make it happen.

The Dreaded Scales
Don't become a slave to the bathroom scale. Weigh-in twice a week maximum and never after meals.
Battling to get in your 30 minutes of exercise every day? Word is that 10 minutes of exercise 3 times a day also counts. Make sure you are exerting yourself enough to raise your heart rate but not stress it and it counts.
Try this and see if it works for you.
High Blood Pressure? Constipated? Nightmares?
Consider cutting down on the cheese. I love cheese, but I find I'm healthiest if I eat cheese as part of a meal.
Also if your dreams are too vivid for your liking try cutting out cheese for two hours before bed every night.
Trouble Shifting the Pounds?
Keep a food journal where you write down everything you eat. Keep it confidential so you aren't tempted to fudge the facts.
This will soon help you identify where problems are creeping in.
Missing your favourite foods?
Try these delicious substitutions:
Old FavouriteNew Favourite
Fully Loaded Baked PotatoBeef Hash Meal
Mashed PotatoCauliflower Mash
LasagneNo-pasta Veg Lasagne
BreadSavoury Loaf
Raisin BreadBreakfast Loaf
Dry Skin?
When my skin gets dry in the winter months, I find adding a drop or two of baby oil to the bath water soon has it good as new again.
Keep your baths short and cool too to prevent dry skin.
Short on time?
Prepare packed lunches the night before and setup for the next morning's breakfast as well. It is much easier to make healthy food choices when you aren't in a rush to get out the door.
Feeling Dull or Low?
If you're decorating a room, choose light colours and avoid heavy window dressings that block light. A light environment will leave you feeling calmer and lighter yourself.
Want to Manage your Moods?
Music can evoke so many different emotions. There's nothing like it for helping us to calm down or rev up.
Choose music to not just suit your mood but the mood you would like to have.
Feeling low, put on something cheerful. Feeling tired put on something with a dance beat.
Want more Time with your Family?
Introduce a family game night. Pull out the board games or pack of cards and gather the family once a week for some good old-fashioned fun. Activity games like pictionary, 30 seconds and scrabble are particularly good for getting everyone involved and enjoying themselves.

Laughter is good exercise, and can improve your immune system. It's also easier to skip the snacks when you are occupied with other people, rather than passively watching TV.